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January 2016 winner...Hamilton Chevrolet!

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Its was an epic battle... 7 cars lined up against the police... They fought the law but the law won! (I think I've worn that joke out...But we won't talk about that.)

Congrats! That's a beauty!

Somebody call Lornejay1 to pick up the dead bodies left in his wake... Ok, I'll stop now.
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Thank You Very Much! That picture was actually taken at the Impala Nationals here in Detroit back a couple years ago. I was actually standing just out of sight talking to Jon Moss when the picture was taken. I have owned this cruiser for 18 years and restored it back in 2000. I have done tons of Police events with it including leading the GM parade from Detroit to Pontiac and then back to Bloomfield Hills during the Woodward Dream Cruise the day after that picture was taken.

Sadly I have gotten divorced after 12 years and due to that I am being forced to sell it. It is however going to a MAJOR B-Body collector over in Germany. It will ship out from my house any day now so this was the last hurrah for me and this car!

Thanks everyone!

Mike--Hamilton Chevy
Hey congrats Mike well deserved!
Thank You Very Much!

Mike--Hamilton Chevy
As a cop and bbody fan, i must say, I love this car! IS my drug...
Thanks. Everything on the car is Genuine and it ALL works! Took quite some time to get the MSP to agree to that! ;)

It is a shame that it left my house Saturday and is on its way to Germany after I owned it for 18 years and drove it every day for 16 of those 18 years!

Mike--Hamilton Chevy
1 - 3 of 19 Posts
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