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I've read the benefits in the last post and I would like to know how do I join, and I'm guessing ISSCA is for all B-Bodies?
96' Caprice Classic DCM L99

Mods - Dynomax Exuast, Sewerpipe intake w/ K&N cone filter, 2" ST lowering springs, Bilstien 1516/1517 shocks, F-Body sway bar - HO rear sway bar, body bushing upgrade, S-10 TC, Chromed SS rims

Future mods - LT1 383 stroker, export pipes

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Go to this page, fill it out and submit it


<LI>Tom - San Diego, CA
<LI>ISSCA Member
<LI>1996 BBB #5092
<LI> T-84 Headlights w/Piaa 80/80 H4's, New Custom Black Paint, 160 therm, Slotted Discs, Custom Intake, Taylor's Spiro-Pro Wires, Custom Cat-Back Exhaust w/ X-Pipe, Custom Sheepskins, Stealth Brake Bolt, Body Bushings Mod, Custom Refinished Painted Factory Wheels, 255/50ZR17 RE 730's, Bilsteins, Sequential Turn Signals w/ Lens Bucket Mod, 91-92 Caprice Lens, Krypton Bulbs, Dash Hugger Dash Cover, 9C1 Wipers, and Amsoil Synthetics & Filters throughout. More to come much, much more….
[email protected]

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