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July Issue - Impala Racing

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The July Issue of the Impala SScene Magazine will feature an Impala Racing theme.

We're plan to include everything from drag racing, to autocross, to road racing (both track and open road), as well as any other form or Impala racing you guys invent between now and then.

We have some nice road racing pictures lined up, but we're still looking for drag racing and autocross pictures that convey some of the excitement of the events. We also need feature articles explaining the fundamentals of your favorite event; for every experienced drag racer, there are probably five more who are wondering, "How far ahead to you have to be, before you can change lanes and cut the other guy off?"
You can help bring them enlightenment...

Tech article on preparing an Impala for any type of racing event would be more than welcome.

Once again, while *I* don't need to hear your suggestions ('cause I haven't got the time to act on them), maybe a good suggestion here will trigger someone else to write a great article or provide a great photo! THAT is how you get your car featured or your story told.

Remember if you don't send it in, or at least write to me at [email protected] for details on what you can contribute, you ain't gonna make it in the mag!



Five Years and still no left foot wear spot...
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