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Didn't know where to put this but, there are tons of comments on under the pictures and it looks like someone has filled it with junk that is undesireable. Maybe you guys know this but I just wanted to point that out if you did not catch that. I love looking at the racing pics. :D
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I noticed that too.
Someone needs to tell one of the moderators of that page. When I tried it said it didn't recognize my registration.
thanks for the heads up, i fixed it a couple hours ago. I deleted all the comments and had to make it so anonymous people can't post.

Chris, i'm not sure why you're having trouble logging in. I did see your username there, but not sure what your password is. I think the lost password thing does work though, so try that and let me know if you're still having trouble.

With our ECIRS Drag day coming up on March 11th at ATCO Dragway in South Jersey.

I also noticed the bull****
Non Automotive comments posted on our ATCO - ECIRS drag race photos.
Glad our buddy dW took care of it.

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