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I personally like cloth seats better than leather. They are cooler in summer, warmer in winter, and your butt does not slide around in them. I hope you got the rear seats to give the car continuity.

The 93 RMs were the first year for the ruby red interiors. The seats, carpet, sun visors, interior window reveal molding, A/B (upper)/C pillars, and headliner (and hardware) are about the only interior parts that will fit the 94-96 cars.

If you grab the front door panels, you can probably get a good price for them, because the color is 93 only, and will fit the Caprice and RMs.

I have a set of 92 DMR cloth standard RM seats in my 92 OCC. They are really comfortable. I got them out of a 35K car, and they are like new. The wiring for the passenger's recline motor was already in the OCC, so I just had to bolt them up. My 91 has a set of cloth Recarros, and they really hold you in place. I like the firmness of the Recarros as well.
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