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Junkyard wheel scores: Durango, Grand Cherokee, etc.

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As new cars continue to get older and old cars continue to get newer, it's about time we have a fresh discussion on wheels.

We should establish fitment and some general specs for wheels that can be easily acquired for cheap.

Many here on the forum are aware that the 3rd gen Grand Cherokee uses the 5x5 or 5 x 127 pattern. What do we know about offset, backspacing, etc.?

The 3rd gen Durango (2011+) also uses a 5x5 pattern, with several wheel options in the 18-20 inch range.

Some of the Chrysler Pacificas also used 5x5 and had 19" wheels.

Late model Mopar mini-vans used 5x5, but those wheels are very narrow and only built for soccer-momming.

To get us started, here are a couple of Durango wheels that are cheap on Rock Auto:

18" x 8": More Information for VARIOUS MFR 136570001

20" x 8": More Information for VARIOUS MFR 188320001
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In many places it is not legal to use spacers for on road use.
In the United States, wheel spacers are not currently regulated under the Department of Transportation's current legislation. There are no existing federal laws ...
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Probably more than a few things on my vehicles that may be illegal somewhere. Spacers are common ,and never heard/seen any spacer police. How would they possibly enforce such a silly law ,or justify the reasoning behind it.
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There aren't likely to be an wheels better suited to these cars than the factory Impala rims.
What "cheap junkyard wheels" even fit our cars? Mostly late model 2WD GM trucks ,and other B-bodies. Most are going to only be 7" widths. Kinda hard to get exited about ,huh....

Summit/Jeg's sell new steel wheels quite reasonably in 8-10 inch width ,and 15-17" diameters.
Once spacers around an inch are called for. Then adapters become practical ,and one is no longer limited to 5x5 bolt circle(s). Durango/Cherokee rims are not that impressive in my opinion. Especially comparing to late model Camaro/Corvette rims which aren't likely to end up in salvage yards. Rims over eight inches wide are going to be slim pickings also. Not to mention ten inch widths that most of these wider tires should be mounted on at minimum.
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