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I can't give Bryan enough Cudos! He previously tuned (via mail) my 72 Chevy Truck into which I transplanted a 97 Z-28 LT-1 and 4L60E. The tune was awesome. I made some changes to both the engine and trans, so I sent the PCM back...along with the one from the Impala. I had swapped gears and torque converter, t-stat, etc., and asked him to power tune it.

Just a reflash at the local stealership would have been close to $100 and would have required me to leave the car for the entire day. At the base, we get a screaming deal on FedEx, so I sent them on Wednesday afternoon via FedEx Air and enclosed a return shipping label.

I got them back today (Friday)
I can't begin to tell you how surprised I was to open the door and find the FedEx guy standing there! The damn things went AZ to PA to AZ in less than 48 hours...and got a killer tune by the man himself!

Thank you Bryan Herter! I will see you in Phoenix on 2/3 for a dyno flog session on the truck!
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