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Just bought a 95 FW. How'd I do?

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Just ordered a 95 FW sight unseen with 68k miles for 6k delivered including tag transfer, taxes, and fees. Seemed like a good deal for an lt1 car with that low miles. Car looks super clean. Only issues are the rear and driver windows supposedly don't work. Hoping it's just the sliders.

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I installed the 'normally open' Powertrax No-Slip, - with just regular handtools and no re-dialing anything. When called for, it's just a momentary lockup and you've got full posi
I have the No-Slip as well and like it. I do recommend it, but I also point out a downside. The cross shaft is a loose fit through the unit (has to be for the design to work). This is slop that you can notice at times. For example: shifting to park on an incline- when you release the brakes, the car will roll enough to get your attention. “Is this thing going to hold??” You can also notice it in hilly areas when dfco is kicking on and off frequently. You’ll feel a little bump as the slack is taken up.
I did have some pops and bangs from mine when it was new and “breaking in” but they went away quickly.
It is a true locker and more aggressive than the more common limited slip options.
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