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Ed, hopefully you can chime in on this one.

I've got a 94 9C1 that I want to lower. After reading all the posts about spring rates, progressive vs. linear, etc. etc. here is my question:

What if I cut my front springs and clamped the rears or went with stock Impala rears?

How would that affect over/understeer balance?

I know cutting increases spring rate, does clamping?

I don't plan on doing any autocrossing but would like a lower stance and better handling capabilities.

This would be a pretty damn cheap way to lower the car, but then of course I wouldn't have a stock set of front springs to raise it back up if I ever needed to.

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Cutting the fronts is fine, but....

I personally think that clamping the rears is a really bad idea. Clamps break. Usually at a most inopportune time (i.e. coming out of a sharp corner, for instance). If you are "at the limits", this could be disastrous.

If you're gonna go this route, I'd get a set of Impala rears, cut your fronts approx 1/2 coil, and go from there.
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