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I was a bit reluctant to buy it at first because it had 178k miles, but once I drove it, I was totally impressed by the power and how nice it glided down the road .... so I bought it

The car runs so nice, I hope it runs at least a couple of years before any Major work .....

I did an oil change, new AC Delco platinum plugs, and I am having the AC checked at this time because its blowing hot air. I would have changed the air filter, but I am going to buy a cold air intake kit on ebay for it. They have some generic cold airs for like $65, anyone have experience with them ??
Welcome and nice find. Looks to be a pretty Clean Caprice. In addition to the Handbook, check these as well for some ideas..... SS Frequently Asked Questions List.htm

The Stickies in each section of the Forum are also good places to find info on your new Baby. :)

Without knowing the real history of the car or how it was maintained, I would be looking at replacing all the vital fluids/filters of things like Cooling System, Trans, Rearend, etc. With that mileage a good inspection of the Suspension/Steering would also be in order. Mileage is nothing to me on these cars as long as the body is solid.

I have the K&N FIPK which is around $200 but is a nice kit and has a box that isolates the filter from the Engine bay heat. Plenty of kits out there too like you mentioned and Stickies and links posted should give you more than enough info. Also become familair with the SEARCH function here too. Tons of info here and most questions have already been asked/answered many times.

What are your intersts in modding....Performance,Appearance, Suspension, All of the above? Word of warning....once you start, you may not stop. :) Ive been at it for years and keep finding stuff I want to do and have it down for some repairs/mods now. Once the bug hits you, it will hit you hard. :p But these cars are fun, easy to work on and not many on the roads today. They are also comfortable on long trips and almost always get Thumbs up from other drivers. Many here have cars (some Daily Drivers) with over 200-300K. MIne is approaching nearly 200K, but that is body only as I have upgraded so many Drivetrain pieces, I've lost track.

Anyway, nice find, welcome to the insanity and enjoy you ride for many years to come. :D

EDIT - On your AC not working. If its out of Freon and nothing is real obvious. Be sure to check the metal line near the Upper Control Arm on the Passenger side. Pretty common issue on these cars as it slowly rubs a hole through it and causes a leak. Just something to be aware of if you decide to do this yourself or have it serviced, you may want to mention it to them.
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