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Just read the latest Magazine...Thank you

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Just had the opportunity to read the latest newsletter, thank you for clarifying ISSCA through the " What's in it for me" piece...boy Harvey where do you get such great ideas...LMAO..... the check is in the mail

Norm :D
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Thanks, Norm
I have another Punch Double Maduro waiting.
Any more great bits of wisdom I can take credit for?
Hey I always got ideas.....
That's what makes me the most frightening :D

FYI....I found a great new local shop with a good walk-in humidor, if you run low while passing through Atlanta, lemme know!

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I don't know if you noticed or not, but you can do the credit card thing online at now. You can save the envelope and stamp. Real easy. Hope to see your name come across my desk real soon.
Check your inbox o purple one.... :rolleyes:
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