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KDS still in business?

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Recently purchased a set of Bilsteins for my 96. Went to KDS's website and ordered a set of shock mounts for the rear. I didn't receive any shipping info so filled out a "contact us" asking for some shipping info. A week later no reply or product, so I sent another contact us and still no reply. So, any info anybody can supply would be appreciated, anxious to get these shocks thrown on and move on to the next Caprice project. Thanks
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Thanks SS. Yeah trying to stay positive and hopefully it's like u stated...really itching to throw on those Bilsteins though. I'll check on your beertestr lead.
@Ken Hennessy @sherlock9c1 Thank you for the heads up. Appreciate it(y)
Thanks for the follow-up Sherlock. Received shipping info from PayPal. Should be here in a couple of days. Hope he's feeling better
Received part today! Time to scrape some knuckles and pull out the swear jar. Thanks again fellas for the heads up on shipper
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