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Re-make from the old forum.

Bought a complete Kore 3 big brake kit made for the B Body.

The kit sat in the garage for nearly 6 months till I found the time to install it on the car.

The old brakes were just not getting the job done and I noticed a small leak of brake fluid between the reservoir and the master cylinder.
The old setup was not bad but still left a great deal of room for improvement.

The Old.
Stealth Brake bolt Mod
Russell stainless lines
Red Hawk pads
Cross drilled rotors.

The New
GM B Body 340 mm C6/ Z71 kit

The C5 and C6 kits are nearly identical I opted for the C6 as it is a lil bit stiffer at the caliper. Both are dual pistons and have the same parts in the kits.

Started out by pulling off the wheels and tearing off the old brakes to get to the spindles which need to be modified for clearance.
Reccomend cleaning up all the wheel wells and the suspension while it is all apart. Good time for a fresh coat of paint.

The difference

The old mess

You can see by the pics that I have air bags and shocks on the front and this is where you can see the pieces on the ground I just cut off the spindle for clearance of the new brackets that hold the calipers. Suggest you use a sawzall with metal cutting blade, grind all edges smooth and finish with sanding down all areas to get clean corners with no sharp points. Never cut with a torch as this causes the metal to over heat looseing it's strength.

The toughest job next to cutting the spindle is tapping it out for the new caliper bracket bolts
The hardest part is not going too quickly and using plenty of tapping oil to keep the tap cutting correctly and not messing up the threads.

Drill it out nice and straight

This is the time to clean it all up. paint it and get ready to install the new kit. I personally take the time to test fit everything. then ***-assemble everything paint it all and re-assemble once and for all this gives me a chance to measure all the shims and set the caliper bracket in the center of the rotor. Their is a bunch of shims in the kit just for this.

Ready to mount up the bracket and new billet hub.

Only difference in the end was these caps did not work so I wound up with the KORE 3 Billet caps instead

Not the best picture but you can see the shims between the bracket and the spindle.

Hard to take the picture perfectly straight so just trust me it is perfectly centered.

Calipers on


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All painted up and ready to go

Nice clearance to the back of the wheels

Finished product on the car on the way to it's first road trip

Consensus between the wife and I (we both drive the car) We should have done this mod a long time ago. We both agree it is much more fun driving the car with excellent brakes than what we had previously.

Next up is a Big Brake kit for the rear. Of course it will have to sit in the garage for 6 months till I get around to it...

Looks kinda funny right now with those small rotors in the rear but oh well

Whole thing was right at $ 1,000.00

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they do look noice I must say :D

I was gonna ask if your car was in mira mesa couple weekends ago, saw a bbb with crossed flags but I think rims were different.

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.......Of course it will have to sit in the garage for 6 months till I get around to it...
Nice post/nice car :D !!!

Ugly garage! cwm8


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