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For all of those who have the H&R springs, could you please share your experience with them?

I read all of the posts on them via the search engine. However, I was hoping for a more recent update. Specifically regarding excessive sagging and/or scraping and ride quality.

For those who care, and who like to offer some technical advice, here is my setup and performance needs:

96 SS w/ HO Enterprise front & rear sway bars, stiff Bilsteins and Hotchkis stock lenght rear LCAs.

I am looking into upgrading to 18" Moda rims w/ 285/40 Dunlop 9000's.

I want a low stance w/ good handling. I like a firm ride. However, I want to be able to drive it daily without worrying about scraping the bottoming out, more specific, the trans pan.

Thanks in advance for your time and much appreciated advice.

BTW, I was looking into buying all 4 wheels w/ tires and the springs from Tirerack.

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