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LE1 heads & Advaced induction valvetrain/cam

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Is anyone running a set of LE1 heads combined with one of advanced inductions valvetrain/cam kits? AI seem to cover all bases with the valvetrain and I hear only good things about the LE1 heads..
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If you have a great pizza eat it.

Hey Italian Guy..
If you have a great pizza eat it.

Leave your ride alone. It is just fine.
You have a PROVEN set up which is at a good limit.
Plus your car is heavier than most.

YEAH, adding a better cam may provide a few tenths performance.

IF I were you..Keep it a Garage Queen...!!!
Dangle a Pair of Ovaries off the back..if you wanna..cwm4

Build a Track Car you can drive to the races.
Put all the secret good stuff you want.

Run it like you live life...RAGE IT !!

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Not really. I think when BK and Paul built that engine, they took everything into account. I think it makes alot of power and perhaps contrary to what many here believe, once you have an in-the-ballpart-camshaft that works in your set-up, there isn't going to be any sgnificant horsepower to be found by changing the cam. A road course style suspension alone I think costs as much as 7 tenths, maybe more when drag racing. Then take the weight into account: they're makin power :)

Mike you maybe right.
But where the power is in the Curve will help.
BK cam LSA is wide..think he said 114 degrees.

If he got one with 107 he would shift the power to the midrange.
Could pick up about 3 tenths but that is about all.

Dan, pro stockers run 118 to 120 LSA and their power range is around 8800 to 10,000 rpm. The LSA is necessary for the engines to idle. For us only running to 7000 rpm, we can move the power around by degreeing the cam. We could install my engine in BK's car and it may go marginally faster, but not much and for reasons I've already stated.

NO Kidding..
They have so much Duration that a 120 LSA is necessary.
In fact all the hot Stocker and SS cams are built with similar LSA's.
because they all are running at the 10k rpm range or better.

Which means using special Valves, Valve Springs and good stuff to keep it reliable.

Regarding BK engine, I concur with your opinion.
For more power it would require using a tighter LSA cam or more duration with his current LSA.
Which would make the car less streetable and require trailering.

You have a great combo.
Drive it like you do your life..

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1 - 3 of 96 Posts
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