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LE1 heads & Advaced induction valvetrain/cam

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Is anyone running a set of LE1 heads combined with one of advanced inductions valvetrain/cam kits? AI seem to cover all bases with the valvetrain and I hear only good things about the LE1 heads..
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I have ran LE2's and intake for several years now. Had to have them rebuilt after 3000 miles the first time (bent valves). Then an exhaust port cracked and got raw antifreeze out the passenger side exhaust. Had it fixed. Heads have been remilled down to 53cc chamber and got rid of the 918 beehives for patriot gold springs. Beehives floated the valves at about 6200 rpms and you could see where the valves hit the pistons in the corners of the valve reliefs. I could have bought 1 1/2 sets of AI heads cam and intake for what I have in just the LE2 heads. Do they work well? Yes but at what expense. So I am Installing an AI setup after many conversations with Mike, Pat, and Dewayne. Going with 200cc heads, cam, intake, and valve train package. Do I think the car will perform better? No doubt in my mind. Will it hold up better? ABSOLUTELY!!!. Not putting down LE just my personal experience. Also adding a 4 bolt spayed forged 385 ci bottom end to go along with the AI setup.
1 - 1 of 96 Posts
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