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LE1 heads & Advaced induction valvetrain/cam

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Is anyone running a set of LE1 heads combined with one of advanced inductions valvetrain/cam kits? AI seem to cover all bases with the valvetrain and I hear only good things about the LE1 heads..
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CNC'ing doesn't guarantee good porting. It only guarantees repeatability. It will repeat a bad porting job as faithfully as it repeats a good porting job.

In particular with the LE heads vs the AI heads, I seriously doubt there's a rat's ass worth of difference between them. Even if Lloyd is still porting them by hand, he's done enough of them by now that his repeatability is probably close to perfect.
I come across this post recently. It is from 8-08-09, a couple days after the forum came back on line after the data deletion point.

Stone is obviously not an experienced porter that is obviously guessing and making an unknowledgeable guess at that. LE porting varies noticeably to the naked eye though he uses 'last minute' porting modifications to even out the flow readings which can be considered more important than visual appearance. However those last minute mods that cause the visual variation in any particular area to equalize the over all flow can easily be a result of offsetting a measureable visual variation in another.

Though the AI customer ports are CNC'd, are mastered (as noted above) from a hand ported set of ports. That means if there was a visual variation in the master it shows up in all CNC'd heads. I could readily see subtle variations in the CNC'd ports from AI I inspected, though I am not stating there was also a variation in the port flow as well. It should be noted that I have a 'trained' eye for detecting such variation, a skill shared by very few on this forum. Therefore, to an untrained eye such as stone's, the LE ports may appear "perfect".
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Or good it be that Gary just felt the need to come in out of the blue to thump his chest and toot his horn; I mean......dredging up a 6-month old post to try to deliver a slam cwm3 ...........

Damn......always tryin' to start some -ish :rolleyes: .......

If KW was not such an idiot I'd REtype and post the response to 'Bully' that I have typed up investing 25 minutes to do so. My attempt to post but was unsuccessful do to the piss poor connection that is so common on this questionable site. As it is I will not bother to invest another 25 minutes doing so. Truly sorry Bully. :( As for KW KMA!!! If you would exhibit at least half a brain when you post the output would greatly improve. :mad: :mad:
My response to 'Bully' included comments that delt with the pics Dwayne has just posted above. But because of my frustration with this site and the idiot KW, forget it!!! KW knows about as much about govt. issues as he does headwork. DAMN little!

The connection issues this site suffers from are not however, as much of a problem as are some of its dickhead posters that post on it. :mad:
If indeed he winds up going 11.0's or so then I'd say there is a noticable difference because then the next fastest would be an LE set-up at 11.50.
Waaay to many variables for a meaninful comparo.

Same engine/car......with a head only swap would be much more meaningful.

Still, whether on the track or on the dyno, environmental factors would have to be as similar as possible.
A more knowledgeable and experienced individual would realize it is much more than just "environmental factors" that is the issue.

EDIT: Didn't read Dwayne's post directly above this one before I posted this. I posted directly from email link to KW post.
Dwayne and I are on the same page in regards to the different variables one needs to be aware of.
One graph is intake, the other exhaust, both before.

It made a decent number on the dyno with ported intake but did not drive well, lowend was poor.

He went to AI heads and cam with as cast intake and picked up 24rwhp, 14tq, .2et 2mph and lowend traction problems. Needless to say he is happy.
Don't downplay the cam effect. ;)
As for the AI vs LE debate, I'm still of the opinion that Gary is a rat's ass.
Resort to all the name calling you want stone. I'm not the one that turned out to be a dishonest piece of crap. For other inquirying minds, that is why I do not respect you. Your username is appropriate. My respect for you is about as much as I have for a... stone. Stone, you are a legend in your own mind and your big ego isn't helping you any.

I brought this thread back to life (after viewing it by chance) because you misled others with your inaccurate opinions. I see no problem whatsoever making the corrections I feel appropriate. That is what this forum is/should be about. The exchange of ACCURATE info. The fact that you were the one responsible, sure did not detour me any. :)
I think you meant 'deter'?
:( Agree! Actually, without the error, the more simple word I probably would have/could have used would have been discouraged. I really wasn't 'detoured' was I. ;) ... just still irritated. Probably will be for a long time to come. :(

And no, didn't go 'head hunting for any such posts as one ya-hoo insinuated. Finding it was a result of the systematic method of viewing threads on forums that I subscribe to, that led me to that thread.
You're such a f*cking hypocrite. You bitch about the name calling yet you do the same.

Just STFU and go away. Many of us couldn't give a sh*t what you post. As I said before, you're a smug and arrogant prick. You may go now...
There are those with class that post according and there are those that couldn't recognize it if it ran over them. BTW, is it the cap that is crooked, or is it just the head? Just so you know, with the amount of material (previous remark notwithstanding) I could legitimately and accurately use on you in regards to your posts, I'm being really easy on you. cwm2
As previously noted, having this battle of wits with an unarmed individual does not inspire me. :(

"You may go now..."
First let's rid this forum of the vulgar and classless variety and THEN move on from there. But you know what, then we really wouldn't need to rid this forum of any others, would we? :) IOW, Replace or remove the horse and you need not be concerned of the response of the cart.

EDIT: As for KW, yes, three peas will still fit in a pod.
A systematic search cwm2 ?!?!?

Get a better system......6 months to 'find' a thread is a bit excessive :D !
For a person that has no clue WHATSOEVER in regards to my time or schedule, you could not possibly be that braindead to respond with that post. Hmmm, guess I was wrong. ;(

Many of us couldn't give a sh*t what you post.
For someone that doesn't care, you sure put enough effort into responding.
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