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I come across this post recently. It is from 8-08-09, a couple days after the forum came back on line after the data deletion point.

Stone is obviously not an experienced porter that is obviously guessing and making an unknowledgeable guess at that. LE porting varies noticeably to the naked eye though he uses 'last minute' porting modifications to even out the flow readings which can be considered more important than visual appearance. However those last minute mods that cause the visual variation in any particular area to equalize the over all flow can easily be a result of offsetting a measureable visual variation in another.

Though the AI customer ports are CNC'd, are mastered (as noted above) from a hand ported set of ports. That means if there was a visual variation in the master it shows up in all CNC'd heads. I could readily see subtle variations in the CNC'd ports from AI I inspected, though I am not stating there was also a variation in the port flow as well. It should be noted that I have a 'trained' eye for detecting such variation, a skill shared by very few on this forum. Therefore, to an untrained eye such as stone's, the LE ports may appear "perfect".
I think we need to define "perfect" a visual variation that produces the same flow rates as the other ports, well would that not be perfect? Or does the visual variation cause some type of turbulance that flow rates don't reflect therefore changing the way combustion occurs from port to port?
1 - 1 of 96 Posts
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