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LE1 heads & Advaced induction valvetrain/cam

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Is anyone running a set of LE1 heads combined with one of advanced inductions valvetrain/cam kits? AI seem to cover all bases with the valvetrain and I hear only good things about the LE1 heads..
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Damn thats it?!! I was expecting more!!

LE2 heads, all well documented on the big Camaro boards.

267 intake and 185 exhaust from some FULLY PORTED heads? Thats it? This is what you guys are always boasting about? WOW! My Edelbrocks that you talked so much crap about are ONLY VALVE POCKET ported and rounded out at the intake mating surface and dont even have a runner port and they flow 267 and 185. Dont believe me? Look it up because its fully documented tested and proven! WOW!! Well we all know what they say...Men Lie...Women Lie...BUT THE NUMBERS DONT!!!
1 - 1 of 96 Posts
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