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Trying to do a search for spark plug / gap recomendations for a 383 with LE2 heads on them, and came up with NOTHING. Then read up on what was recommended. Came up with basically NGK TR55's or AUtolite 764 and some others.

Not 100% satisfied with the search results, I decided to call Lloyd directly and ask him.... answering machine. I left a message, but doubted response on such a trivial question on a Saturday.

30 min later, he called me back (excellent customer service everytime I have dealt with him) and said the sparkplugs he recommends are the:

Autolite 104 - Gapped at .030

He said to tighten up the gap so that at higher compression and speeds, the wider gap tends to blow out the flame. Said tightening up the gap has nothing to lose and only things to gain.

keywords for people searching:
spark plug gap lloyd elliot aluminum heads LE1 LE2 LE3
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