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List of maintenance part numbers (TBI, 91-93 cars cache)

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Note: Many of these links have "" in them from the website I found the page on. It was the latest I could find.

Sources for info:

1. GM Parts & Illustration books for Chevrolet Caprice/Impala 1991-1996






Part numbers are GM unless otherwise indicated.

Some parts used on 91-93 model year (whale) cars, as well as for 1977-1990 brick models, especially for chassis/suspension and in some cases body parts, are common with the 94-96 cars. So check the (94-96) Maintenance Parts sticky thread in addition to this one.

Contributors to this list are: kdrolt, SSnow, LazyDestroyer (a.k.a. Blake), Alex Melero, Chris McCabe, Marcin Kaluski, Bob Lane, and Eric Michael, darth (Carl), Caprice Freak, LarryCigar
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Service Parts Identification Decal, a.k.a. the "SPID" that lists the RPO and SEO three-digits codes as installed at the factory. This is probably more accurately known as the SPIL, for Service Parts Identification Label.


Tech Info & Articles on 9C1 Police Package

Police Package Brochures (9C1, 1A2, B4C)

What engine do I have?
There were three different engines offered in the 91-93 fullsize GM TBI cars. Look at the 8th position in VIN:
if "Z", engine is 262 cid (4.3 liter) v6 and the car is a 9C6 taxi
if "E", engine is 305 cid (5.0 liter) v8
if "7", engine is 350 cid (5.7 liter) v8

For the Chevys, the "7" code engines were only available in 91-92 in the 9C1 police package model, and in 1993 either in the 9C1 or the LTZ Caprice. Chevy wagons all got the 305 v8.

For Buick sedans and wagons, and Olds wagon, the std engine was the 305 but the 350 was optional. IIRC the Cadillac also had the 305 and 350 TBI engines during the early 1990s.... but I don't recall the yearwise breakdown for when the carburated 307 v8 was replaced by the 305 and 350 TBI engines.

Is my car an LTZ ?;f=9;t=002023

Specs for the TBI v8s: LO3 305 and the LO5 350
truck engines:
car engines:

Radiator & Cooling system
RC27 15lbs AC Delco radiator cap, 10409635

Engine & Fuel
TBI Intake gasket: 25511809

TBI DIY adjustable fuel pressure regulator (FPR) modification:

TBI fuel injectors

Fuel Filter, L05, 1993, SEO 1A2, 25121801 ($10.05 on 02-17-00) probably for all 91-93 TBI cars)

PCV Valve, L05, 1993, SEO 1A2 25098542 ($5.75 on 02-17-00) probably works on all 91-93 models)

1.6 ratio self-aligning stamped-steel rocker arms
Sealed Power (Federal Mogul) R-1023R
Elgin RK-738;f=34;t=001825;f=1;t=005420
Several places sell them including Advance Auto Parts, Scoggin Dickey. Summit has them too but they're gouging the price up compared to buying them elsewhere.

Hypertech chip Should I buy one? What do they do?;f=1;t=011257#000000

ECM EPROM (chip) reprogramming
16136965 ECM (1991-1993 only with $62 definition file; note: earlier 89-90 TBI Bcars used the 8746 ECM with, IIRC the $61 definition file); all use the 2732 4K*8 EPROM;f=34;t=001825;f=34;t=000851;f=34;t=002257#000001

WINALDL datalogging:;f=34;t=001449#000001;f=9;t=001574

Knock module for LO5 (for 305 to 350 engine swaps). ESC = electronic spark control
350 knock sensor (GM part #10456288): $25.22 (

350 (5.7) ESC Module (GM part #16128261): $46.37 (

AC delete pulley: 10055890

Intake manifolds
91-93 TBI engines on whale Bcars used a specific aluminum dual-plane intake manifold that was slightly different than used on TBI Fcars and C/K/G body TBI trucks. The cowl overhang on the Bcars required the use of a specific/compatible distributor to allow clearance for removal and replacement. The distributors had a fatter flange (larger outside diameter) than the Fcars and trucks had, and the corresponding intake had a distributor hole that was sized to match. In addition, the length of the distributor shaft was (according to my sources) shorter on the 91-93 Bcars than on the TBI Fcars, trucks. That means aftermarket TBI intakes won't work on the 91-93 Bcars without modification.

Note that I never mentioned the 89-90 TBI Bcars (brick style). They do not have the same cowl overhang "problem" as the 91-93 models did so they are, AFAIK, the same as used on Fcars & trucks so the aftermarket manfolds will work on them.

Related threads:;f=1;t=007796

So in most cases it is easier to port the factory 91-93 Bcar intake manifold rather than in buying an aftermarket unit. The porting steps are similar to those shown by Vizard in his sbc Carbs & Intake book. The plenum divider, a metal wall with a small window, between the bores on the factory intake may also be removed if the (hidden) water jacket holes are welded closed if exposed. And FYI, the water (coolant) jacket in the intake serves to stabilize the temperature of the air intake in the presence of EGR (heating), fuel evaporation (cooling), and underside oil splash (heating).

In addition, GM has supposedly produced performance intakes for TBI cars in the past, though they are assuredly discontinued by now. I don't know if they really differ much from the production intakes. What follows is a quote from Sallee's web site:

GM 14088675 SBC Aluminum, 2BBL Performance Intake Manifold. This intake manifold was used in production from 1984 through 1990 with TBI but makes a good performance two-barrel manifold where required. (Discontinued)

Another GM sbc TBI intake rumored to be for performance is 14088674.

Porting the stock heads

Distributor parts
coil, distributor pick up (AC Delco D1987) 10495089
retainer, distrib ign pick up coil 10488259
shield, distrib ign pick up coil 10496783
pole piece, distrib pickup (AC Delco D1987A) 10474000

cap, distrib (AC Delco D303A) 10477841
cap, distrib (Standard Motor, Blue Streak DR468X)
rotor, distrib (AC Delco D447) 10496798
rotor, distrib (Standard Motor, DR326X)

Spark Plugs, L05, 1993, SEO 1A2 5614258 (qty=8, $1.57 each, $12.56 total on 02-17-00) (probably works on all 91-93 305 and 350 v8)

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police 9C1 exhaust;f=21;t=004518

Y-Pipe, 3" Outlet, SEO 9C1 for LO5, 10234907 ($85.42 on 03-13-01)

Headers & Duals;f=21;t=004237

Walker exh parts catalog

AIR (air injection reactor, aka AIR pump) delete thread

1991 Export Emissions Sticker, L05, NON-CATALYST 10145498
1992 Export Emissions Sticker, L05, NON-CATALYST 10165243
1993 Export Emissions Sticker, L05, NON-CATALYST 10189406

10186167 91-93 Export AIR Pump Pulley, AIR Pump Removal (per Dal; $36.70 on 12-26-00)
This part might cross-reference against Dayco p/n 381501 per Eric M.

14081701 91-93 Exhaust Manifold Plugs, AIR Pump Removal (per Dal; you need 4, $2.24each, $8.96 total on 12-26-00). Per Eric M Dec 2003 post to 9C1 digest:

"Original p/n is 14081701. I guess that has been superseded by another p/n (dealer will show this when the look it up). They are around $2/ea.

My dealer gave me a bunch of plugs though. I guess replacement manifolds are shipped with plugs in them. They just throw them out. The ones he gave me a metric, M14x1.5 "

Alex M writes: (See al
It has the part number for the export pulley that you would use to replace the air pump. I just plugged up the holes on the manifold and I think there was a vacuum line that I had to plug too. In any case, this allows you to use the stock belt.

There is also another way to do it with a shorter belt. It is used by the Camaro guys but it will work for us as the brackets are the same. Check out:

Here's another AIR pump delete thread by Caprice Freak with pns:;f=1;t=007943

Stock size Goodyear Gatorback serp belts:

4060930, 93.0", Serpentine Belt, L05, Goodyear Gatorback, 1993
4060642, 64.2", Serpentine Belt, LT1, Goodyear Gatorback, 94-96

Note that the pns above are derived from the belt length in inches, so those with TBI using rerouted belts (from AIR delete) and pick the pn from the size needed.

Eric M... also writes:

....Goodyear Gatorback belts are measured in tenths of an inch:

Looking at my application ('92 L03), they list two belts. One is 92.2 inches, the other (120A Alt) is 93.5 inches.

Side note... The tensioner is rated at a certain degree of leverage. If you make it too tight to accommodate a shorter belt, you will be putting too much tension on the pulleys - which could potentially lead to other problems like early bearing failure in you alternator, water
pump, power steering, A/C, etc.


AIR Delete sticker for 95-96 cars; DIY onto adhesive-backed paper for use in 91-93 for that factory look.

AIR delete pulley -- a cheaper alternative:
Just remove it, along with everything related. Leave the connector on the engine, or cut it, and then use a 945K6 belt and route belt like a L03 truck (no airpump from factory).

Oxygen Sensor: 25162693

EGR valve for L03, GM 17113496, AC 214-5575
(see also:
"E" engine (305, 5.0), AC Delco PN 214-5079
"7" engine (350, 5.7), AC Delco PN 214-5078)

Also the all-purpose Wells EGR126 then use the supplied orifice washer #52 for LO3 use; centerpunch the flange so the washer won't fall out)

Why EGR is useful/needed:

PCV Valve: AC CV789C


switch, trunk lid release (AC Delco D7006) 14103360

Replacement bulb chart (exterior, interior):

bulb, PC74 (small bulb for I/P cluster) 25086809

festoon bulb (dome lamp), size 561, replace with 1.75" size LED per rigid loop (wire connection) 44mm long 9 LED:

LEDs for exterior & interior use:

Bulbs, LEDs

shift selector arm spring, 7812853
shift selector arm 14073036
See threads:;f=3;t=003740

switch, I/P lamp dimmer (AC Delco D1564C) 10468282

Cluster swap: granny Caprice to 9C1 (digital speedo, analog tach) or to RM/OldsCC (analog speedo/tach);f=3;t=003150

Tach install
Add an aftermkt tach to a TBI car that lacks one. You need a signal feed from the white wire, either from the coil or from the ECM. Use the ashtray lamp as the dimmer-controlled light source.;f=25;t=003281


Air cleaner & air intake
Modifying the stock airbox and silencer ring by Bob Lane, for all 91-93 TBI Bcars:

and see these threads:;f=9;t=001749;f=9;t=001945

TBI DIY air cleaners;f=9;t=001945


Radio and Antenna
bezel, radio antenna (fixed mast) 10178782

base bracket and cable asm, radio antenna (fixed mast) (AC Delco 10245736)

nut, radio antenna fixed mast 22549795

cable extension, radio antenna (thru firewall to radio) (AC Delco 10207825)


Rear end
GM limited slip additive: 992694
GM differential oil: 89021672
GM updated differential cover gasket: 26066456


brake maintenance pns:;f=23;t=002053
brake ABS article;f=23;t=001474

Front Left ABS sensor: 88963121



A superb write-up, with pixs, on replacing a broken turn signal stalk canceling assembly inside the steering column.


Assembly Line Diagnostic Link (ALDL), or
DLC (Data Link Connector), DTCs (Diagnostic Trouble Codes)

OBD-1 (on board diagnostic 1)


Other TBI Resources from Other GM cars

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350 knock sensor (GM part #10456288): $25.22 (

350 ESC Module (GM part #16128261): $46.37 (

Good for those doing 305 to 350 swaps
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