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So what performance upgrades can be done to a '95 RMW to help gas mileage? Since I already have a race car to satisfy my need-for-speed, I don't need to make this thing into a street predator. If I pick up some fire along the way, that's fine, but this car is now my daily driver & a tow vehicle for a little Mitsubishi on a tow dolly. I'm just concerned with making this thing more efficient. How 'bout a gas mileage performance increasing upgrade mod list?!

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Tune that bitch up!!
Plugs, wires, tb / MAF cleaning, O2 sensors, fuel filter, PVC, and so on.

Make sure there are NO intake leaks, gasket area, or vacum lines.
Make sure there are NO exhuast leaks... Mine is leaking bad at the check valve/3 bolt flange, and I can only pull 18 MPG on the highway at 70MPH... :(

PVC intake pipe to a "swiss cheese" intake box.
Better exhuast(even headers can help some).
Tuned PCM
skinny tires
lighten the car up

Make sure the front suspension is not worn, and aligned great.
RePack the wheel bearings. Make sure the brakes are not draging.
lower the car, Wax the car... Hey, thats why nascar does it! (part of the reason)

Pump the tires up to full PSI

Run some auto-rx thru it. It will bump your compresion back up a lil, and we all know higher compression engines are more MPG friendly.

Buy a Honda... I HAD to!! :D

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Welcome to THE forums.

Check out these two threads:
Essential Wagon threads
Cheap @$$ Mods

They should answer a bunch of your questions.

Also you asked in another thread about coolant flush. Do a search, there are tons of threads on proper coolant flushing which is very important on the LT1 engines.

Now lets see some pics of the new wagon!

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Pix?! Ok...all I've got are the crappy one's from the seller;

Nothing special yet. But, being from Chicago, the one I'm really excited about is the one with the rust-free underbelly!

Thanx for asking!

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Anything that makes it easier for air to get or out will help mileage and power. Anything that makes the car easier to push will also do both.

I picked up a couple MPG by switching the engine and rear end over to synthetic oil (Royal Purple in my case). I keep track of my mileage at each fill-up in a database, and it was about a 2MPG gain on average. I'm on a 10K oil change interval (filter every 5K), so it saves me money over standard oil at 3-4K, too.

You'll probably also see better mileage towing and not-towing with some lower gears, too, unless you're already on 3.23s...
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