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Location of Indy Car Show

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I did not see where the car show was going to held for the Indy event. Will it be at the hotel or one of the tracks?;f=39;t=000030


Jose Rodriguez
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Unless it's changed, it will be at the host hotel, Adam's Mark Indy Airport. Tues (4th)

The drag racing will be at IRP, Weds (5th) afternoon/evening.
I guess it is confusing.
I thought the entire show was at IRP.
But maybe not.
I do know that we will be going to Putnam Park Track for the road race and maybe the auto cross too. So maybe the tracks are just for the competitions, and the actual car show is at the hotel? Hopefully someone can clear this up. This is my first one, so I am a newbie.
Yes, car show and auto-crossing are at the hotel. Everything we can do "in house" in kept at the hotel for all the obvious reasons.

The current planned itinerary is:

Day One: July 3rd
Event Registration
Possible Golf Outing

Day Two: July 4th
Car Show
Fireworks at night

Day Three: July 5th
Autocross Event
Drag Race Event

Day Four: July 6th
Road Course at Putnam Park
Evening Socializing

Day Five: July 7th
Awards Breakfast
wrap by noon

Road course activities will be held at:

Putnam Park

Drag racing will be at:

Indianapolis Racing Park (IRP)

ISSCA Chartered Club Challenge
Chartered Clubs are eligible to participate in the ISSCA Chartered Club Challenge! Big CASH Prizes are awarded to the ISSCA Chartered Club whose team has the best performance in:
Car Show
Sound Off Competition
Drag Racing Competition
ICCC Push Drags
Autocross Competition
Road Race Competition

Engine Raffle
Transmission Raffle
Many Door Prizes

Hotel Info:
Twin rooms can sleep up to 4. The event rate is good 3 days before and after July 3-7 block dates, subject to availability
Of course, be sure to refer to “ISSCA Nationals” or "Impala SS Club of America" to get this discounted rate when making reservations.

Adam's Mark Indy Airport
2544 Executive Drive
Indianapolis, IN 46241
(317) 248-2481

Look forward to seeing y’all there!!

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