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As I was walking the pooch this morning around the neighborhood I noticed a RMW that I had
not noticed before down the road. That got me to thinking (that's kind of dangerous, ya
know!), I guessed it was pre-94 because of the side mirrors but I did not know for sure.

Has anyone put together a 'spotters guide' for telling the B-Body wagons apart? Assuming that all parts are stock (wheel covers, etc. . ), are there things to look for on these wagons that will
DEFINITELY indicate what year the car is (outside of the VIN#?)? Were certain colors ONLY available during certain years so you could further narrow the vintage?

Maybe if we get enough pics and a good write up - it could become a sticky in the wagons loop.

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Boy that sounds like it is right up FRED'S alley!

But......... here goes a starting point......Based on stock parts of course.

If mirrors are on the door, not the triangle, 91-94.

If it's an OLDSMOBILE, it's a 91 OR 92.

If it has Woodgrain, it is NOT an Olds.

If it has a Vista roof, (glass on the roof), it's either a Roadmaster or OLDS, so see above.

If it has a piece of plastic behind the rear door, in front of the 1/4 glass, it is a Buick, or 91 Oldsmobile only. 92 Olds had Caprice window trim.(no plastic)

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here is what i ask myself when i see a wagon

what year is it?? does it have an LT1??

91-94 small side mirrors
95-96 big side mirrors
94-96 dual exhaust
No dual exhaust means no LT1 and that also makes it a 91-93 with small mirrors. But if it has big mirrors it is a 95-96, should have dual exhaust and the LT1. The 94 is a bit of an oddball being the only one with small side mirrors and dual exhaust, noting the LT1.

You can usually tell pretty easy if it is a CC, RMW or Caprice. There are many ways of telling what it is but that is what I look at.

I could be wrong but I thought I saw a CC with woodgrain one day. Might have just had a CC grill thought.
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