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Hi guys. Wonderin if I could get some info on some custom body parts.

Things Im lookin for:

Rear Tailight assembly fillers
New Front Bumper cover
Roll pan

I would appreciate any and all links I can get. Not sure the look Im goin for, but would like to browse as many links I can get. Also, any input and/or experience with the parts you list would be appreciated.


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Jason at Streetrends has all of these parts even though they are not on his web-site. He has allot of "Custom" wagon parts and good quality and delivery just give him a call. Tell him Ace told you about him. Good luck :cool:

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There is also one Someone posted recently on the fourm here:

JC Imports

What is the story on these guys? Do they make thier own stuff are they just a reseller for someone.

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Yeah I just called street trends and they have it all.

Just type and get in touch with somebody.

I just called on a corvette style roll pan and it seemed a bit much.

$299 + $120shipping = Too much $$$.

I already have a rollpan. It has the spot for the license plates and it only cost me $100 + $100 shipping, But that $100 shipping also included the shipping of my smoothie. i bought my smoothie and and roll pan from a place called lowriders in canada.

And this doesn't mean that I don't want the corvette style roll pan, I do. If I decide to save up the $$ for it or if they can give me a price break I would defanitly have to consider it.
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