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I'm in area code 45245. Really wanting to find a wagon or fleetwood in good shape. Must run well and have little to no rust. I have around $3,000 to spend, and please be somewhat close!
Also willing to trade a 87 Supra turbo if anyone is interested, but it's in rough shape. Nada lists the supra at $2,650 in poor condition, I'm trying to get $1,500 off craigslist, but I'd trade it plus cash.

I used to have a 96 caprice, LT1, B4U, and towing package. Best car I ever owned, all I did was change the oil every 5,000 and it never gave me any issues ever! One rainy night and a malibu with bad breaks put an end to my trouble bubble though.

I cannot stress how badly I want a LT1 wagon with third tow seating and tow package!
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