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I ran across this in the Craigslist for sale portion of the forum and thought it worth sharing for those who remember. It is about Stuart 's Roadmaster Sedan:

Yep, when I first stumbled upon the forum I liked the idea he had at the time for replacing the hood ornament without painting the entire car. Looks like it evolved to another stage with the pin striping. He had some ideas worth copying and was rather meticulous in execution of his work on the car. Even with the OZ Nova wheels I question it being worth $7950.00 in today's market, for a non-Limited Roadmaster. I have the Burak Bergan (?) aluminum door pulls in my wagon. There's a lot of Whyle McConnel's influence in this sedan as well.

How's that for recalling some stars of the Forum Past? All I have to do is invoke Larry Cigar and Glen West for this trip down memory lane to be complete...and take a spin in my wagon.

It would be nice if some forum member could get this car. I wonder if Stuart ever completed that Rat Rod? He had some falling out over something and left the forum in a bit of a huff as I recall. It was never quite clear to me just why.

Every car show gives evidence of just how fragile our relationship is with our cars. They often age much more gracefully than we do and survive many quite well. Enjoy them while we can.

Richard Snipes
4501 Safari in Jax, FL
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