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I didn't get a chance to reply to the posts about my stereo system. You can view it on my site

I'll try to answer some of your questions here. Ian Black from S&K stereo won the audio industry installer of the year award for the work on my car. The car was completely striped and sound deadened for the surround sound. I wanted my Impala left as stock as possible the only mod to the inside was the fabrication for the screen on the back of my console and the fiberglass rear panel that Ian fabricated. It has a big duct that runs behind the three MTX speakers in the trunk.

I'll try to have my car at the arlington show in October. I figure that I'll have close to $100,000 invested in the car when it is complete.

It makes me feel good that Stainless Brakes came out with an Impala kit because of my car and then Spintech Mufflers just came out with a kit because of the project.

If I don't answer any of your posts make sure to email me and let me know. I get around 250 email a day and it's hard for me to check the post regularly
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