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I am getting out of the b-body game and so have lots of parts for sale - some new in box, many used. local pick up preferred but I am willing to ship (buyer pays shipping costs); all offers are welcome. Parts are located in North Hollywood, CA but I live in Santa Cruz, CA - I visit the Los Angeles area often but this means that after today I probably won't be able to ship for a few weeks (but local pick up is no problem as you can just pick them up from my family). If you want me to bring any parts with me up to the Bay Area on Thursday, please let me know by tonight.

New in Box:

rear control arm bushings (all, NAPA) - 60

2 sets AC Delco OE Parking brake shoes - 50

Used (interior):

Bonneville front bucket seats in black - 150 (pending)

Medium Adriatic Blue Roadmaster courtesy lights (all 4) - 30

Dark Blue caprice courtesy light (front only) - 10

Gray Roadmaster courtesy lights (all 4) - 30

Gray Roadmaster courtesy lights (rear only) - 10

Gray Roadmaster roof grab handle (4) - 25

Gray seat belts (full set, with front bench) - 50

Gray seat belt buckles (the part that goes bolted to floor, one with lap belt, one without) - 10 each

2 power seat rails with plastic covers - 15 each

2 electronic climate control units with harness and parts for conversion - 100 each

6 Camaro z28 gauge clusters - 50 to 100 each, depending on mileage and condition

pigtails and gauge cluster connectors to make your own z28 harness - 20 each set

2 twilight sentinel box and harness - 20 each

spare tire jack - 20

spare tire jack cover - 20 (pending)

Used (under hood):

K&N CAI (not original filter) - 100

Camaro 1LE intake elbow - 40 (pending)

3 opti vent harnesses in good condition - 20 each

96 9c1 pcm tuned by pcmperformance (AIR delete, fan temps adjusted, firm shifts, performance tune) - 100

96 B4U pcm - 50

96 9c1 upper radiator shroud and primary fan - 50

96 caprice cruise control module with pigtail - 35

9c1 silicone hoses (two pairs of heater and one upper) 10 each

Used (brakes, wheels, other):

Hidden Hitch class II sedan hitch (currently installed but will remove upon payment) - 120

Airlift air bags (currently installed but will remove upon payment)- 40

4 15x8 truck rally rims powder coated black with clear coat (no bends, cracks, or scrapes) and 255-60-15 Radial T/A's mounted (less than 15% left on the tires) - 400

4 n97 (9c1) rims powder coated black but no clear coat (no bends, cracks, or scrapes but some UV fade) with metal center caps - 200 (pending)

3 gmc center caps (same as 9c1 but with gmc logo) and one chevy center cap
10 each

1996 impala ss rear end with bad posi and no brake lines but have mounted OE made in USA rotors, parking brake hardware, and PFC brakes all less than a year old with only 20k miles - 350

1994-1996 Impala SS/Caprice B4U differential housing only - 50

braided stainless steel brakes hoses (<1 year, 20k miles) - 75

stealth bolt metering and proportioning valve (<1 year, 20k miles) - 25

stainless steel brake hard lines for rear disc (these are the ones from the junction box on the differential to the rear calipers; <1 year, 20k miles) - 25

Delco parking brake cable for rear disc (both sides) - 30

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braided hose lines - is it all 5 hoses?
Looking for hoses for my 96 SS.
Also interested in the stealth bolt and proportioning valve for my SS.
Package deal $100 shipped?


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eldemonio, I will take pictures in a little bit and send them your way.

deanc24, it is the Russel's 5 line kit. 105 shipped in a flat rate box?

merlot, yes they are still available. I am not sure on shipping though since they are a little heavy.

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Interested in the n97 wheels. Am off friday for pick up any time. Can you send pictures to my phone at 4089668777. Thank you

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interested in the n97 wheels. Am off friday for pick up any time. Can you send pictures to my phone at 4089668777. Thank you

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Yeah man, I'm gonna miss driving one of these big cars but 20k miles a year (not even sure how really because I only drive to work twice a week and bike the other days) in a 20 year old car that averages 20mpg is not very reasonable =/. Figure I will get another one later on down the road once I have the space to have two cars and then it can just be a cruise-mobile.
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