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Pictures available to your email. I will consider a reasonable offer on some items. PM me, no need to post, I check my PMs daily.
All shipped items quotes for CONUS. Outside CONUS PM for quote.
Full set of keyed alike locks for a 94-96 wagon 2 doors, storage, footwell, tailgate, glove box (with tan wide latch. cylinder can be removed if you have a different color wide latch) $100 shipped
Wagon tailgate solenoid $20 shipped
Sedan trunk latch w/solenoid $20 shipped
Washer fluid sensor fits 91-95 or 96 $20 shipped
Engine compartment light lens $6 shipped
Engine compartment light complete w/lens and mercury switch $20 shipped
Caprice wagon/sedan/RMW nice core support from 93 RMW $150 shipped via Greyhound
96 and 94/5 coolant overflow reservoir with cap $40 shipped each
94 fuse box with brass post $35 shipped
MAF from 94 FWB with pigtail $50 shipped
Battery tray almost perfect needs cleaning and paint $45 shipped
Battery tray some rust sturdy $25 shipped
Hood latch, cable, and release handle $50 shipped
RMS DS & PS front window run channels narrow lip for chrome strip on rear edge. Like new $50 each plus shipping
Caprice DS front window run channel wide rear edge, no gap at the front $50 plus shipping.
Set of 4 manual window regulators. Very good condition, with surface rust $70 + shipping
FW DS & PS front window run channels excellent condition. $75 each shipped
Right rear 94-96 window regulator tested good $70 shipped
I have one repaired and tested Caprice/wagon power antenna for sale. The catch is that you have to send me a Caprice/wagon antenna with a good mast. The deal is...$100, and I return $35 when I get your good mast. If I get good masts, I can continue to send out inexpensive good antennas. This can be a good thing for everyone as long as whoever buys one, sends in a good mast. Without the good masts, the process stops, and nobody else gets an antenna. If your mast is broken, I will sell a repaired one for $100 + your antenna.
RMW various exterior trim upper and lower $15-35 + shipping
RMW rear corner trim pair w/o rubber one has a small dent $25/pair shipped
RMW/91 OCC Sail panels for rear door, white need paint $55 shipped
91 OCC cladding L FQ, L RQ, TG, L&R RC $80 + shipping (will separate)
OCC Oldsmobile nomenclature for doors, and gate. Missing one "CUSTOM" $20 shipped
OCC grille small crack at top/emblem cracked $60 shipped
OCC grille no emblem no cracks $65 shipped
Tailgate handle for wagon w/gaskets $15 shipped
Wheelhouse extension Left 94-96 R 94-96 $45 each shipped both for $65 shipped
Wagon roll pan smooth $140 w/license plate recess $100 plus shipping designed for Caprice. Will fit RMW (with Caprice or OCC taillights)
Caprice grille smooth. Upper outer screw holes are broken out. Needs a good cleaning, Chrome may be scuffed No cracks $35 shipped
FW grille very good $75 shipped
FW chrome trim around headlights and marker lights $40 shipped
FWB PS wheelhouse extension upper bolt hole crack w/air dam $40 shipped
FW PS front fender spear very good missing rear pin $25 shipped
FW license plate/gas door $30 shipped (from 93 FWB)
FW DS front fender trim $25 shipped small scuff
FW DSF door trim nice $55 + shipping (2)
FW DSR door trim small crease $35 + shipping
FW DS fender skirt $60 + shipping
FW DS front wheel lip $40 shipped
FW front license plate holder $25 shipped
FW license plate gas door and lock with solenoid and manual release $75 shipped
FW 96 grille very good $75 shipped
FW PS wheelhouse extension with airdam end $55 ship
Caprice trunk carpet with fasteners needs good cleaning $35 shipped
94-96 Caprice sedan quarter glass both for 180 shipped.
Mirror lens 95-96 R and L w/heat (lens only) $30 shipped each.
Rear wing window for wagon (3 DS 4 PS). Excellent w/hinge pins $45 each shipped
Rear wing window latch fits either side $15 shipped
Wagon rear glass hinge L&R $35 shipped /single side $25 shipped
Wagon RR door glass $25 + shipping
FW DS & PS headlights with mounting brackets and bulbs $199 shipped
FW DS headlight with mounting bracket and bulbs $99 shipped
FW PS headlight mounting bracket $35 shipped
FW DS headlight (no mounting bracket) $65 shipped
FW front markers 2 DS 1 has chip PS perfect $85 for all shipped
FW trim around HL and Marker lights $40 shipped
FW/B rear marker lights pair $40 shipped
RMS left front marker has crazing at top $25 shipped
Caprice Wagon 91 DS rear TS excellent (red bezel) $45 shipped
Wagon center tail light excellent $20 shipped (various colors)
Rear glass striker plate with TL contacts $25 shipped
PS Headlight w/bracket for 91-96 wagon or Caprice sedan $50 shipped
Caprice/RMW/OCC DS front running light w/o turning lamp $25 shipped
Bonneville seats FR & R Gray cloth 6 way no rails Nice need some cleaning $250 + shipping
TBI hat from Caddy with elbow, fits B-body TBI $25 shipped (bent stud and nut included)
9 rolls of Naugahyde: Coral, Dk Blue (like Roadmaster), Ruby (like Dark Maple Red). Rolls are between 16-21" wide, and up to 22 yards long. Priced between $10-30 per roll depending on length. Great for door panels, or pillars.
1968 Impala tail lights (2) w/wires $60 shipped
1955 Packard Clipper 4 door rear window and top trim. $90 + shipping
1955 Packard vent window cranks (2) $14 shipped
1955 Packard rear door ashtray unused $8 shipped
1967 Jaguar 4.2 Saloon large box of misc interior parts $50 + shipping

Shipping discount for multiple purchaces. Need something, ask? If I can find it, I will pull it for you at a reasonable cost. I accept paypal [email protected]. Select "send money" then use the personal...other function, and if you fund it from your bank account or paypal balance, neither of us pays a fee. Send your address seperately, because paypal does not include it with the personal function.

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Dark Maple Red Caprice square dome light cover with lens $15 shipped
DMR Caprice dash face with vents $65 plus shipping
DMR rear floor mats NEW IN ORIGINAL BOX (pair) $50 shipped
DMR vanity visors with lights small cut in cloth $30 shipped
DMR Airbag for OCC $50 shipped
DMR Airbag for RMW/S w/horn buttons $50 shipped
DMR vanity visors for 91 (without center clip) nice with lights $35 shipped
DMR Olds CC or Caprice 1991-1993 PS front door interior w/vinyl top, has repaired lower screw hole $50 shipped
DMR rear ashtray $10 shipped
DMR glove box and latch (no key) for 91-93 Caprice/Caprice wagon/RMW/OCC $30 shipped
DMR front DS and PS courtesy lights in excellent condition $30 shipped
DMR 91-93 RMS/W OCC Caprice DS front door w/velour top repaired screw hole $70 shipped
DMR Caprice/OCC RMW/S DS & PS front door interiors velour top small chip on DS solid $120 shipped
CAMEL 91-93 RMW/S front door panels w/switch panels & DS armrest small cut in DS at rear sturdy $150 shipped
CAMEL footwell latch no lock $25 shipped
TAN 94-96 front velour top door panels for small bezel includes PS arm rest and upper inserts $170 shipped
TAN 94-96 center front seat belt receivers w/3rd belt $55 shipped
TAN 94-96 center front seat belt receivers w/o 3rd belt $50 shipped
TAN DS steering column access panel for 94-96 Caprice and others intact, but really dirty $20 shipped
TAN vanity visors very nice with just a little dirt from handling $35 shipped
TAN rear door window switch with bezel, excellent $12 shipped
TAN RMW/S door pulls from 96 2 front 2 rear (may all be the same) $27 shipped
TAN DS and PS door sills from 94-96 no chips, crack (DS) at reinforcing web (not visible) $40 each shipped
TAN square glove box latch (no key) $13 shipped
TAN wide glove box latch (no key) $13 shipped
TAN Wheelskins steering wheel cover, new, pkg has shelf wear missing chord $20 shipped
TAN 96 seat belt male ends (4) with plastic cover $50 shipped.
GRAY 91-93 glove box door excellent condition for $20 shipped
GRAY 91-93 defrost vent $12 shipped
GRAY 91-93 front passenger side mat with snaps $18 shipped
GRAY 91-93 rear door UNUSED ash tray from RMW/S $10 shipped (3)
GRAY 91-93 headliner courtesy light delete panels 91-93 (both) w/coat hooks $10 shipped
GRAY 91-93 headliner courtesy light panels 91-93 (both) w/coat hooks $25 shipped
GRAY 91-93 Caprice sedan dash minus woodgrain needs a little TLC but usable $45 shipped
Impala Gray 96 PS shoulder seat belt with retractor $50 shipped
Impala Gray PS 94-96 front threshold $40 shipped
BLUE dash pad 91-93 RMW RMS, 91-92 OCC with defrost vent and saturation sensor. Excellent condition. $60 + shipping (shipping by Greyhound)
BLUE rear door ash tray from RMS $10 shipped
BLUE PS door panel for 91-93 w/velour top w/switch panel $35 + ship
BLUE front belt set DS PS CNTR $90 shipped
LT BLUE front threshold for 94-96 DS and PS $40 each $60 pair shipped
LT BLUE 94-95 DS shoulder seat belt with retractor $50 shipped
LT BLUE center belt recepticles for buckets $75 shipped
LT BLUE armrests PS DS, DS needs base repair, PS needs vinyl reattached $35 shipped
BLACK pair of rear door inserts $25 shipped
BLACK PS switch panel w/o pwr seat sw. window sw inc. $20 shipped
BLACK rear window sw with bezel $25 per pair shipped
RUBY RED 94 RMW dash pad very good condition $65 + shipping
RUBY RED 94 RMW dash panel excellent condition $55 + shipping
RUBY RED vista window trim and shades $70 shipped
RUBY RED PS and DS front threshold for 94-96 $40 each shipped both $60 shipped
RUBY RED unused rear ashtray (1) $10 shipped
RUBY RED fuse box cover for DS instrument panel 91-93 $10 shipped
RUBY RED cargo cover. some pinholes, handle broken $50 shipped
RUBY RED rear window switches $25/pair shipped
FW/B RAISIN rear vanity (3) $25 each shipped, all three for $50 shipped
FW/B GRAY rear vanities with above the headliner mount $85 shipped
FW/B GRAY rear vanities with paint marker on one both for $35 shipped
FW/B GRAY front upper sunglasses console $25 shipped (2)
FW/B TAN rear vanities with above the headliner mount for $85 shipped
FW/B TAN DS PS front door panels in excellent condition complete $175 shipped
FW/B cargo net $15 shipped
FW/B Miscellaneous door, mirror, and window switches from 1994 $25 shipped
FW/B 93 rear view mirror $30 shipped
FW/B 93 instrument cluster with bezel untested $65 shipped
FW/B 93 headlight sw module $35 shipped.
FW/B 96 grille very good $75 shipped
FW/B door pulls w/speaker panels $40 shipped
OCC dash woodgrain panel (only) in excellent condition with BLUE map pocket $25 + ship
Caprice dash piece for over the glovebox 1991/93 in excellent condition. $10 shipped
AC vents (PM for color) $7 each shipped 2 for $13
AC vents black for 94-96 Caprice (all 4) $25 shipped
Manual window crank handles (2) Blue (2) TAN $14/pair shipped
Seat belt bolt covers (PM for color) $5 each shipped
Gate handle set (PM for color) $18 shipped
Square dome light lens $6 shipped
Cargo bay lense 1 PS $15 shipped
Rear view mirror w/auto dim with courtesy lights from 91-93 w/pigtail $30 shipped
Rear view mirror w/compass & pigtail $30 shipped
Rear view mirror w/auto dim with courtesy lights from 94-96 w/pigtail $35 shipped
94-96 Under dash panel DS PS $35 each $55 both shipped
96 Swingout cup holders for center armrest $20 shipped (2)
96 Arms for swing out cup holders for center arm rest 2L 1R $5 each shipped
HVAC knobs for 94-96 Caprice $7 each $15 for 3 shipped
RMW 96 unused ash trays (2) ashtray doors w/springs $20 shipped for all
Caprice 94-96 ASH TRAY SLIDERS $25 (pair) shipped
94-96 RMS instrument cluster $45 shipped
91-93 RMW instrument cluster very good to excellent $40 + shipping
94-95 9C1 instrument cluster, untested, removed from wrecked car, nice lens, one lens screw is loose-case cracked at boss, can't see when installed $65 shipped
94-95 9C1/Caprice instrument cluster lens $30 shipped
96 9C1 cluster lens small scuff $30 shipped
FW cloth dash cover blue $25 shipped
Parking brake release cable $25 shipped
Nice mahogany steering wheel "personal" fits Nardi bolt pattern 13 3/8 inch diameter black solid spokes $100 shipped-I will include a short turn signal stalk.
2 Cadillac 1 Chevrolet remote door opener $15 each shipped
Caddy seat motor unit from 1995 DS seat. Includes drive shafts $50 shipped
Seat belt extender $15 shipped​

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do not post on this thread. It is dead, and I will not answer:(:(:(:(:(:(

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Lotsa good parts

Hey Fred. Do you have a electronic hvac control for a 92 OCC. Mine has a bunck of cracked buttons otherwise it works fine
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