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Hey guys, I posted this in drivetrain with NO RESPONSE, and I am in need of traveling again this weekend and want NO worries... SO... Long Version / Short Version

_______________LONG VERSION_________________________

I will do a long story / Short Story.... Start reading here if you want the long version, andd skip to the bottom for the direct question...
Ok, 83k miles on a 95 Wagon. Drove her to Corpus Cristi this past weekend from Houston TX (which is about 350 miles i think) and did about 85 - 95 cruise control most of the way there... with a few (FEW) 35-45 mph stints through the small towns. Well after about 200 - 250 miles i stopped in a little town at a dairy queen, rolled down the window ordered a hunger buster jr. and a big cookie dough blizzard with heath added. Saying this only to demonstrate that I spent about 5 minutes n the waiting line alowing for some decent cool down time of the axel. Well, food comes and i go to start rolling up the window and drive off and hear and FEEL a popping noise coming from the *sounds like* rear driver tire. Me being the inteligent one immediatly goes to stick my head out the window and smacked my lip into the glass window that i was in the process of rolling up... blood every where... so, i try it again, more popping (the drive way is curved to get out) i get to the end of the curve and park, get out of the car, look under it, see nothing... So i cross my fingers that it will go away like that rash did... get int he car and start driving back on the highway and not another pop...... Onthe way home, it did it once again, not near as loud, nor could i feel it... and it hasnt done it again... What could this be? Someone said the posi could be going out and since i was on a curv and the wheels were turning at different speeds, that could be it... No one else has offered advice.

_______________Short Version____________________________

95 caprice wagon
Stock Posi
2.8x gears
Drove long way 300+ miles
popping noise sounds as if coming from rear driver tire after a 10 minute stop
hasnt done it again
really worried

Thanks guys....

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If your Wagon was used for towing, you need to inspect the rear bearings. The easiest way to do this is to check the endplay with weight off of the rear axle.

Posis can cause the popping sound if the wrong lubricant is used after a change, but a sound developing after many miles with the proper lubricant level is probably indicative of an upcoming problem.

an easy thing to do is to visually inspect all the suspension bushings. With the car jacked up, you can see if the rubber has been beat out of the bushings. There is usually a large amount of rust dust around the failed bushing. Again, this would be most likely if your Wagon were used for towing, as this puts extra side loads on everything. While you are under there, shake the driveshaft and look for excess wear in the aft U-joint. Front joints rarely fail.

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If you were on a very slight curve and moving slowly as it was doing it, my vote is for the posi.
On long freeway drives they tend to fling out the lube from the clutches (or cones in the stockers case) and become more susceptible to chatter.
The cones are holding and the axles wind up a bit, the cones release and the axle unloads.
Can be quite an evil sound.
If you have recently changed the diff oil, I would put another bottle of GM friction modifier in and see what happens.
If you have not changed the fluid do so and add two bottles of the friction modifier.
If you are just adding the modifier pull the vent out up the top of the housing. It is much easier to squirt it in there than the side filler.
Regards, Gerry

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Your wagon is equipped with a cone type posi and this is typical for that type of unit, Mine did this the day I bought it so I took it apart and really found nothing wrong with it and I just live with it but in the past I have taken them apart and sanded smooth the area where the cones ride and it quiets them up for a while. It is just your posi letting you know it is working.

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Thank you all... when I was searching for a wagon, a guy said he didnt keep them in stock because the guys who want those are weird....

well, i guess weird is helpful, because i got alot more help from the wagon bunch... Thanks again.
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