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Low Beams do not work

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Whats going on people haven't a headlight problem my low beams will not come on. every thing else works except the low beam headlights. Parklights are on high beams work but no low beam. i was tryin to find the headlight relay but I can't seem to locate it does any one know where this relay is. If not i'll probably just replace the dimmer switch and see if that works.
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yeah i just check out the wireing diagram and noticed the relays are before the dimmer switch which means the dimmer has a heavy current load going throu it. I"m going to add 2 new relays after the dimmer switch this weekend, which will make the dimmer just a switch to run on the relays instead of the headlights. Is any one with me on that, that might be confusing to sum but i do this to all my project old school cars, to keep from buring out headlight switches and dimmer switches.
Replaced the dimmer switch gotta new problem now thou finish puttin the dimmer switch in and soon as i left the house the brakes started lockin up
1 - 3 of 11 Posts
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