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Hello everyone, I am having the weird "Low Oil Level" issue and was hoping someone has found a fix for it. Heres whats going on with mine......

1996 Impala SS, T56 transmission

Once I hit 3000rpm the car does a stumble like its missing or something, the Low Oil Level light comes on for a second, then everything is fine except my AC compressor turns off. Car drives fine the duration of the trip but no AC. I can turn the car off for 3 seconds and then get the AC back, but once I hit 3000rpm same thing happens again. As long as I keep it below 3000rpm I can keep my AC for the duration of the trip and the car will drive fine. This happens every time but only once per trip. Besides that the car drives fine.

I had a Duralast opti from Auto Zone in there, changed it to a Spectra from Oreileys to troubleshoot that issue. The Duralast opti would make the issue happen at 2500rpm, the Spectra Opti makes the problem happen at 3000rpm. I changed out the spark plug wires while I was at it as well.

Previous to this problem I should mention I had a fuel pump that would turn on and off intermittently and after replacing fuel pump, sending unit, fuel filter, fuel pump relay, fuel pressure regulator, and ultimately the opti, it worked again.

Anyone have any ideas? I should mention I have an Oil Gauge in my A Pillar pods and have had it there for 10+ years now. Yes, I absolutely have plenty of oil in the car. Just to troubleshoot I have changed the oil sensor in the pan. The oil pressure sensor does not exist anymore because I have the oil gauge instead.

Thanks for any help.
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