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What is the best way for me to lower my 9c1. I have heard everything from drop spindle to cutting coil springs. I want to know the safest, yet a inexpensive way to do this. Any help wpuld be apprciated.

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How low do you want to go? That's the question.
The easiest and probably cheapest is to find someone selling a set of stock SS springs.
I found a set for $80 bucks last year. Plus, I cut 1/2 coil off the fronts.
Looks good...only problem is my Craftsman jack doesn't fit under the front crossmember anymore.

Bob T.

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Yeah, springs are the way to go. Intrax are inexpensive and ride pretty good, I have DJM because they boasted a bigger drop, 2 up front and 3 in the rear, I actually got a 1/4 or so inch more drop in both the front and the rear.

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When I replaced my suspension I used the following:

SLP sway bars
Eibach springs
Bilstein shocks
Moog idler, tie rods, etc.
Energy Suspension poly bushings
Buick steering dampener and center-link
9C1 front control arms with 5/8" ball joints

The car sits much lower. There is just enough room to get my 2 ton floor jack under the frame from the side...

If i had to do it again I probably wouldn't. It looks cool but scraping speed bumps at 1 MPH with just me in the car is rediculous!
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