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Hello how is every one doing today i am making this post because i have read threw the sticky about the LS swap into the caprice/Impala and there is a lot of good information there but it really does not seem to fit what i am looking for into doing my swap. I am looking to do a carb with no A/C setup and for some reason i can't find anything on here about it :confused:. I see there are a few people who has done the LS swap into the box style caprice and i have a few questions so here goes.

1.I know you need the Transdap motor mounts for the conversion but i don't know witch ones to get i want the motor back in the stock location?

2.Is the Hughes flex plate spacer all i need to connect the motor to my stock th400?

3.Do i need the original engine harness when i install the new motor or does the MSD 6010 take care of everything?

4. I would like to use the truck radiator and fans but with the EFI wires gone how would i wire that up?

5.Will the stock manifolds bolt up to my stock exhaust? i will run dual exhaust latter on

again thanks for any help you can give me.
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