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Hello all,

I have swapped in a 5.3 and I have a Griffin LS swap radiator, which means the inlet and outlet for the radiator are both on the passenger side. What radiator hoses are you guys using (especially on the bottom) for this setup?


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Many variables.

Car water pumps , the the outlet position changed dramatically around 08-09 ( own two 09 G8s and they are completely different due to production dates)

Anyway, my car.

08 and older water pump

Dual pass rad, both inlet and outlet passenger side. difference is my inlet and out let is not straight

Upper rad hose is stock impala flipped over.

Lower is a Jeep JK v6 upper .

I use a straight thermostat housing from CBM

Because of my rad differences, my hose set up may not work for you
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