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LS swap.. rebuild 4l60 or buy 4l80 ?

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What direction should I go?

I'm dropping in a 6.0 LQ4 LS V8, with around 400hp into my 94 caprice wagon.

I'm looking for least amount of headaches and bullshit.

Definitely want to keep driveshaft and linkage.

Tell me where to spend my money smartly.
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Thanks for the info...

I know I can fit the 60e on my stock transmission crossmember with an ovaled mounting hole and sliding motor mounts.

Will a 80e fit the same, or do I need to pop for a new crossmember, or fab one doesn't sound too hard ... but I'd prefer easy.
HD2 kit is not worth the money. if the trans is out just dual feed it the right way. run a sonnax LB1 boost valve with the stock spring (dont use the one supplied). drill out the shift holes on separator plate. if you dual feed i would block the 3rd accumulator. if you're running a small diameter TC, I would block the 4th accunulator. more importantly is to make sure the AFL valve and TCC valve are in good shape.
Thanks. But bro. I'm a bodyman. I'm not drilling or rebuilding a transmission to save $400.

I just want to know where to spend my money... 4l60e or 4l80e to support 400hp
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