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LS swap.. rebuild 4l60 or buy 4l80 ?

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What direction should I go?

I'm dropping in a 6.0 LQ4 LS V8, with around 400hp into my 94 caprice wagon.

I'm looking for least amount of headaches and bullshit.

Definitely want to keep driveshaft and linkage.

Tell me where to spend my money smartly.
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Re-read these:
sherlock9c1 knows his schidt.

After re-reading this post, remember that every LQ9 came attached to a 4L65E, which is a better-built 4L60E.
Just because the LQ9 came from the factory attached to the 65E doesn’t mean diddly!
They could barely handle the 365hp made on a stock LQ9, and he’s upping the hp and (I’m assuming) he’ll be getting a tune.
So how's the 4L60E in your '94 SS doing?
What did you do to get it to take more power and torque?
Why didn't you go with a 4L80E instead?

Seriously, the answer might help Alpha_numeric44.
1 - 2 of 18 Posts