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1996 Caprice B4U
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I’m just about complete with my LS swap on my B4U Caprice and I converted from the column shifter to a B&M floor shifter. There are 5 wires on the column switch and I know 2 are for park/neutral and 2 are for the brake lights. So here where the questions start.

1) There’s a green wire, what’s is that and I need it in my swap wiring?
2) On C204 plug to the car I know H5 goes from pin 34 on the blue pcm connector to park neutral orange wire, but what about H6? Where does that go?


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I dont have a manual at my fingertips .
The 94-96 caprice does not have an electric park neutral switch , it is a physical lockout in the column preventing you from actualy turning the key unless you are in park or neutral.
Only the floor shift 96 Impala has an electric lockout.
The park neutral wire to the PCM and truck lock
The trunk will not work in gear.
Some pcm strategies are different in park-neutral.
There is another wire that is park only for park interlock

Rev lamps a pink and green
Black / white ground.

Looks like you have a manual.

Look up
Rev lamps
Park interlock
Truck lock.
Pcm wiring to see the connection to the park- neut signal.

If you are trying to stop your car from cranking in gear with the floor shift , two options.
Electricaly tie your b&m switch into the small yellow crank fuse wire at the fuse box ( look up anti theft to see that.

OR leave all the column wiring as is and keep all the linkage as it was stock.
Weld the b&m lever to the stock trans lever.
The column will turn when you shift the floor.
Tons of 70s GM cars did this.
When I had an auto and impala shift in my wagon this is what I did.
Worked perfect.
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