I have a gas tank out of 96 wagon, so it should fit 94-96 Caprice or Roady Wagons. I believe the TBI wagons are a different tank. I also have a new set of Spectrum tank straps (ST185?). I can ship any of it, but would rather not ship if I do not have to. Shipping costs would be paid by the buyer. Located in Sanford, NC (40 min south of Raleigh).

$175 for the tank
$50 for the straps
Together $200

Pricing is OBO. I have been out of the wagon game for some time, so if my pricing is off please let me know. Many more parts to come, LMK if you need something. I have recently had surgery so I cannot get up in my attic to take pictures just yet. As I can take picture I will post them. I do not get on this page as often as I should, so please reach out to me on Facebook or call/text 919 seven zero four 1202.

Coming soon - Impala SS wheels (good used set with small clear-coat issues), rear window glass, quarter glass, tan/sand driver side front door panel (VERY NICE SHAPE), misc Tan Bonnie seats, inside door trim, Roady Wagon stainless steel belt-line trim, door switches, sail panels, air dams, tailgate hinge set up, etc..... It will all be cross posted on Facebook as well.