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I sell a lot my junk on the Facebook pages but I often get sick of that environment and have been selling on the forum here for a while as well. I will often update this thread as I come across things for sale. The list is very short as of right now but here goes. Scroll down for all pictures.

Contact Info: PM Inbox / [email protected] / [email protected] / 305-606-2262 (Text Preferred but calls are OK)

I have a a full set of Door Panel Bezels, Door Pulls, Arm Rests (Front & Rear) and Window Switches. These were pulled from a wrecked 96 SS. The Window switches and door bezels all have a "stick-on" Carbon Fiber (I hate it) overlay on them. They can easily be removed and cleaned up if they are not desired. Also many other random items. See pictures or PM for details. Prices are as follows:
1. Front Door Panel Bezels: $50 Shipped Each
2. Rear Door Panel Bezels: $50 Shipped Each
($175 Shipped for Whole Set of 4)
3. Full Set of Door Pulls: $30 Shipped or $10/each Shipped
4. Front D/S Window Switches $30 Shipped
5. Front P/S Window Switches: $30 Shipped
6. Front D/S P/S Arm Rests: $25 Shipped Each
7. Rear D/s P/S Arm Rests: $20 Shipped Each
8. Optispark Harness: $10 Shipped (Have 2 of these)
9. ACDelco AFS75 Oxygen Sensor (About 10min Run Time) - $20 Shipped
11. Krinkle Black "Push-In" Style Chevy Valve Cover Breather/Chrome Oil Cap.(Used these on my Proform Valve Covers)
12. OEM 96 SS BBB Rear Trunk Emblem - $50 Shipped Great Condition
13. 96 SS Power Antenna Unit w/ Pigtail Connector - $60 Shipped

14. OEM 96 SS Rear Door Panel Set

This particular set is in flawless condition. Removed from my poor wrecked 96 SS 2 years ago and have been in storage ever since. Armrests, bezels and switches are available for an additional cost but not yet listed.

Price: $150 for both panels. Somewhat negotiable.
Shipping available at buyers expense.
Local Pickup in Philadelphia.

15. OEM 96 SS Rear Seat Bottom/Top

I have been trying to sell these for a year now but due to shipping costs of something of this size it has been difficult. I am willing to remove the seat skins and ship them at a much more reasonable rate but for the same price. Can provide more pictures upon request.

Price: $150. Slightly Negotiable
Philadelphia Location
Shipping @ Buyers Expense

16. LTx T56 Front/Mid Plate Adapter

This will bolt to any T56 transmission, I used this plate to convert an LSx T56 to be used on an LT1 engine. This along with a few other parts are needed for a full conversion. Or to just replace your LT T56 damaged/missing mid plate. All threads and race housings are in great condition. Genuine Borg-Warner part. I have two of these. Please PM for more details. Also have LT1 Input shaft to aid in conversion.

Price: $100 Shipped. Negotiable.

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17. Chevy Krinkle Black Aftermarket Valve Cover Breather

I used this to fill the breather hole on my aftermarket Proform Centerbolt covers. I parted out the LT1 within months and saw this laying around still. I forget the measurement but I know it fits the standard SBC style center bolt valve cover holes. Comes with "Push-In" style chrome oil cap as well.

Price: $15 Shipped for the set

18. OEM 96 SS Front Driver's Door Panel

This panel has some damage, it was repaired with 2 part epoxy and held up for 4 years but it is time for another coat of epoxy. It has the usual split in the seam of the panel (Shown in pictures) The rest of the panel is in great condition. I am not going to bull**** you with the "Easy Fix" line. The panel is damaged BUT it will look great when epoxied back together. I can do the dirty work and fix it for you or you can pick it up As-Is. Door bezels, switches, armrests all available at an additional cost.

Price: $60
Philadelphia Location
Shipping Available @ Buyers Expense

19. 2004 Escalade LQ9 Intake Manifold

This is an intake from an LQ9 Escalade 6.0 Liter engine. Will fit ANY Cathedral port cylinder head design. Included are Intake, Injectors, Rails. Intake has 99,450miles on it and no damage found during inspection. Pulled from running engine. Sold AS-IS

Price: $40

Shipping Available @ Buyers Expense
Philadelphia Location

20. Oxygen Sensor Extension Harness

Installing Headers? I have this never used Oxygen Sensor Extension Harness that I bought for installing my Clear Imagine Tri-Y's on my LT1 setup. Never used, harness is made to extend factory length O2's to reach sensor in new location. See connector, will work for any O2 setup that matches the connector. Great quality.
24" in length

Price: $15 Shipped
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