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Manifold problem?

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It looks like the flat part of my drivers side manifold is seperating or bowing off the block or the intake itself (whatever the manifold rests on). The car only has 26*** miles on it. I've read of the manifolds cracking and know that is common, Is this where they crack? I'm going to be putting headers on this winter, but i'll need to put roughly 500-1000 miles on first. Is this something to worry about now or should i just wait for the header install.

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I've seen this with the new gaskets I put on a couple months ago. I think its just the expansion/heat cycles. If u havent heard any abnormal noises or leaks, it should be fine.
What you are seeing is actually the gasket and not part of the manifold
I'm not hearing or feeling any leaks so im keeping my fingers crossed that i'll be fine untill the header install. Thanks for the replies.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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