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March 14 ROTM Winner

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congrats post some more picturessss
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Congrats! Well deserving.
Your wagon is clean and I love the rims.
Congrats!! Clean Wagon
Thanks B1BADSS & BambiSS. Been at it for three years (ROTM that is) & lots of changes to the car in that time. Here's a few more pic's.


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Congrats!!! One clean wagon!!

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Thanks 1BAD9cONE!! cwm7
thebigbadWOLF wagon = awesome
its not mine, but yea its bad asss
Norsk95SS & Wolf - thanks for the compliments. Keeps me going!!cwm7
thebigbadWOLF wagon = awesome
I meant...

Great car. One of my favorites.
Love this wagon!!! Congrats on the win. Let's hit up some car shows this year and do a photo shoot!
Congrats!!! Well deserved, hope to see you at INC Madness and/or WeSSt CoaSSt Gathering X!!
Thanks Neil & Jim. Your cars are equally bad aSS!!:D
Just showed this winner to my nephew.
"See? And this is why you should have bought that wagon"
Thank you 5150 9C1!!;) Started out with a 91 wagon. Had her for 10 years & 250k miles. Now, I've had the 96 for nearly 5 years & at this point she would be hard to part with. Lots of blood, sweat, & thrown tools in the garage....LOL!!:D
Big Congrats bud.
Awesome Vehicle, one Hella dude! ;)
Thanks impressive. Hope to see you at WCG 10 this year.cwm7
Congratułations big dogg I remember when you bought that wagon ! Hit me up that BBB looks good and you ride is on point .
its not mine, but yea its bad asss
My bad that it was wolf,s but it's still clean !
Thanks dena4lyfe!!;)
1 - 20 of 26 Posts
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