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I have made 5/6/7/800RW Boosted on the street w/ Ca 91 pump gas,.
so your pretty much golden to make what ever you want HP wise NA.

Your going yo run into brick wall on cylinder head flow well before you reach the limits of the block.

7000RPM is do able as well
but keep in mind the factory PCM is only good to 7100.
That leaves ALMOST no MARGIN for rev limit control.

Oil control starts to be an issue at extended 7K RPM.

At 7K you better have a good builder and parts.
the valve train has to be perfect or you wont even get to 7K
before it falls on its face

build and tune it right and your going to pay attention with the loud button to not over shoot in the burn out box and coming out of corners hot.

once the SBC gets snappy resonsive at 6K+ like that
you start to worry about ring land thickness, and wrist pin strength

hi RPM cruise

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i have seen many guys get 500+ hp from 383s and 396s
No No you have not.

there are just a hand full of 500RWHP NA LT1s
most are sticks that have 12 + CR and rev so high they have to run FAST managment

lets be honest, about 80-85% of the cars on the street can be beat if your car is running 12s or better. the rare ones like srt8s and vettes and g8s and those exotics are the exception and even the cars i have seen on here will dust them off. its mostly just braggin rights for me...something to talk about. thats all.
a real deal 12 second SS will dust stock srt8s vetts exotics
and will be a ton of fun and make super bike owners scratch there helmet with the visor up

what your talking about building;
a high rev stroker 500+ NA Lt1 is not something to just talk about....
it is a way of life
a way of life that has & will consume it's owner(s) ... that are on this forum
some of us will even regret it...
when were changing the forward input sprag the for the thrid time in 300 miles

4,532 Posts
err...... .008" over ;)
With a super build like that, might as well spring for Cometic gaskets, in ANY thickness you desire, and get it right!
+1 agreed

my quench is set on kill
I can cruise with the ac on in LA / OC weather and trafic at 16.5:1 AFR 46deg adv on the hwy
freakish MPG!!

also have a buddy who made a hell of a running 355 gen1 SBC
stamped /transfered the TRW PN#s on to the heads
ran single digets on a home brew carb / NA / 355 with a TH350 elco

compression and quench is great combo

wifes elco!
*if the video does not show click the title
Rosie Cranking Compression Video by Rosie - MySpace Video
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