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May Issue - Show Cars / Street Scene

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The May Issue of the Impala SScene Magazine will have a Show Cars / Street SScene theme.

We're looking for feature cars and tech "how-to" features on anything from lowering / dropping / slamming, to wheels and tires, to custom interiors, to radical paint, to other aspects of show cars that I haven't even imagined...

As much as we love to hear your suggestions, ("Why doncha write an article on this..." or "Why not feature so-and-so's ride?"), what we really need is your pictures and your writing! THAT is how you get your car featured or your story told.

All of this is done part time, by just a few people, for no salary. So we don't have a staff of writers to go out and drag a story out of you. Send it in, or write to me at [email protected] for details on what you can contribute!



Five Years and still no left foot wear spot...
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