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How many members have signed up so far?
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Hey Ken

Our new ISSCA Rep Ken Rogers reported at last weeks HERD meeting that there were 100 ISSCA members at that time

Tom Dinkel
96 BBB
I remember JPK & RB saying The HERD will affiliate when...

The HERD with an ISSCA Rep?

It truly has frozen over!
The HERD with an ISSCA rep.

It truly has frozen over!
Ken Rogers is the Region 7 Rep,

Tom Dinkel
96 BBB
I appreciate Ken stepping up to fill my shoes as former region 7 BOD!
where do we send money for ISSCA membership. i am number #641 from the old days.
where do we send money for ISSCA membership. i am number #641 from the old days.
Why, right here!
if we reapply Are we getting our old membership numbers or are they starting over with new membership numbers??
From what I have read, if you have an old number it should be reinstated.

I have also signed up and awaiting my packet and information.
i registered back in early January and still waiting on my packet. Are we getting any?
i registered back in early January and still waiting on my packet. Are we getting any?
Eventually. Check out post #72 in the following thread:
sorry for the cross post - trying to get to everyone

Remember, you have to JOIN ISSCA to be able to attend the Nationals...30 dollah, make you Hollah!

This just in from Bobo, ISSCA Public Relations Officer:

Hello all! Keep on the lookout for your membership badge, welcome letter, and ISSCA sticker in the mail! After a few false starts with an un-cooperative laminating machine the first mailing has gone, and if you haven't received your membership kit yet, hang in there and you should see it shortly. We have to thank Gary Cardarelli's Sister-in-law for the really cool (I think) background for the membership badge this year. I'd like to throw out the challenge to any of you creative members out there to submit ideas for next year's membership badge background. I think it would be neat to have a different background each year!

Bob Fandetti, Director, Region 9, and Public Relations Officer.

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I signed up awhile back myself and sent paypal payment, never heard a thing not even an email, but I know how it goes sometime so I'm patiently waiting.
SSkid have you heard anything yet?

Purple, the times they are a changin'!

ISSCA is now a fun-loving bunch of car enthusiasts who just want everyone to get along, have a great time, and keep a national Impala club. No politics, no BS, it's all good now.
I signed up and sent my payment months ago and I haven't heard anything at all. Im in no rush, but would just like to know that I am officially in.
I am also still waiting for the membership package
any updates an when this will be mailed out?????????

Tom Dinkel
96 BBB
Membership Kits!


All but ten have gone out (ran out of stamps) and they will go tomorrow. I'm truly sorry if i missed anyone with a welcome e-mail, it has been a chore getting everything in place for mailings from my house/office..........yeah, I know, no excuse!

Hang in there, you should be receiving something any day now.

I guess that I am one of the ten. I will see what shows up in the next few days????????
SSkid, Gerry, Tom, and my95ss please PM Bobo (RDRacing) to make sure we didn't overlook you.

Please give him your name you registered under, old ISSCA number (if applicable), screen name here, email address you registered under, and home town/state if you don't mind.

Bobo is doing all this while traveling the world as a "nuclear technician" so we are appreciative of his efforts.

BTW, I hope all (most) of you guys are planning on attending ISSCA Nats in New Orleans Sept 24-26.
Silly question, What if I have no idea what my old ISSCA number is?

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