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How many members have signed up so far?
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I not seen your info yet. Did you go back to the web site and fill out the registation info after using pay pal?

If not PM me with current info.

Yes, you will keep the former ISSCA number 2263 unless you want a higher number.

ISSCA Secretarycwm1

I registered.... not sure what number I am or if I used my old member number from last year....

Oh and I haven't gotten my packet yet but then again, I don't really care. BK threatened to show up at my door with a spiked baseball bat if I didn't sign up so for fear or more holes in my head, I went ahead a signed up....

But for real, can my little plaque thingy read my screen name instead :confused:
Let me clarify..a higher number as the next unassigned number which is 2328 +-.


If I could get ISSCA #4444, that'd be greatness :)
1 - 2 of 37 Posts
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