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I think there is a little confusion between the Impala SS Forum aka this web site and the Impala SS Clubs of America ( which is a car club. This section of the forum is dedicated to supporting the club.

ISSCA club membership and Lifetime Impala SS Forum are not the same thing.

The Club hosts local events and National Event .

Sorry about the confusion, but I hope this helps.

Don Lambert
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Jay, let us know you got this.

The ISSF aka Impala SS Forum is the internet website started by Scott "Hack" Williams. It has nothing to do with ISSCA (the National Impala SS Clubs of America

Hack was kind enough to give a section to ISSCA to promote the National Club as Hack owns an Impala SS and is an ISSCA member and supporter. Hack never charged a membership fee. A few years back Hack sold this website to a company that owns many many many car related websites and they started advertising heavily. The only way to NOT see all the adds is to pay a membership fee. Other than that I don't believe there are any benefits.

So, we are two separate organizations but you aren't the first and definitely won't be the last to confuse the two. EDIT: I see under your screen name above you have the gold bar that says LIFETIME MEMBER. So they did get your money and make you a lifetime member on this website. But again, ISSCA is the National Club, not a website. We actually have our own website that I mentioned above.

Looking forward to meeting you in Bowling Green!

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