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Note you have to be an ISSCA member to read that link.

Since it has some applicability to NON members, it might be wise to just cut-n-paste the message here ;)

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Message from the President - Focusing on 2006.

If you’ve been watching the calendar you know the 2006 Indianapolis ISSCA National is fast approaching. Your board of directors along with the members of the host club IndypalaSS have been arranging with facilities, vendors and others to make the 2006 ISSCA Nationals an event worthy the members time and effort.

The host hotel has provided a top notch venue for our Car Show and Sound Off as well as top notch accommodations for our meetings, seminars, dining and resting at a discount appreciated by even the most economically minded.

Putnam Park has made their first rate facility available for those who want to experience triple digit motion and challenge the clock on one of the premier tracks in the country.

IRP is looking forward to hosting the quickest Impala SS, B body and D body and Wagons in the country, as well as providing the facility for those who want to twist and turn on the autocross.

For the first time in ISSCA’s history the 2006 Indianapolis ISSCA National has been opened to all owners of the Impala SS, B and D body and Wagon owners, our hope is those who are not members of ISSCA will as guests of the event will see the value of ISSCA and join.

Preparing an event of the magnitude and quality we the Members have come accustom to experiencing is a huge financial undertaking. ISSCA has always relied on sponsor and vendor support as well as membership participation to meet these obligations. This years needs are no less than years past.

Each of us know and realize the vendor market is drying up, just try to get many of the needed parts to maintain our vehicles and you’ll find a dwindling supply if any availability at all. Attempt to purchase any but the basic upgrades and you’ll find the parts aren’t available. Talk to the manufactures and they tell you the market isn’t big enough and is shrinking. All this limits the vendors and resources available to support our national events.

ISSCA needs you, the members. The best opportunity ISSCA has to show the vendors and sponsors ISSCA is the place to get access to the people with the cars is the 2006 Indianapolis ISSCA Nationals, we need you to register and support the event.

We look forward to making this the most memorable ISSCA National, be sure to register early and be a part of what makes ISSCA great.

Rick Matthews (Highway)

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C'mon everybody!
Register NOW!!
I know there are people that have committed to themselves and have plans to attend but just have not registered and paid. Well, guess what: The picture that the organizers are seeing says YOU ARE NOT COMMITTED!
Unless the committment is clear to those who have undertaken a lot of responsibility this year and in years past, why would they want to continue doing things like this if it appears another event will just put the organization in financial trouble and jeapordize the its very existence.
I know there are reasons some can't or don't want to attend - weekdays vs weekend event, holiday family committments, etc., but the only thing this thing requires right now is PARTICIPATION! After we've cleared this hurdle, your comments and suggestions to the organizers will matter; if the event doesn't happen, it will be too late for input.
I think the cost for the thrill of participating is small compared to the effort many have put in to organizing the event. And for my fellow Midwesterners, if you are an ImpalaSS enthusiast, I can't come up with many excuses to keep anyone within a 500 mile radius of Indy from making the trip.

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A Letter from the ISSCA Directors

The Impala SS Club of America (ISSCA) Board wants to let you know that the 4th Annual ISSCA Nationals Event is quickly approaching in Indianapolis, Indiana on July 3rd-7th. The Board is preparing a fun filled event with Drag and Auto Cross Racing at the Indianapolis Raceway Park and Road Course Racing at Putnam Park Raceway. We will have our car show at the Adam’s Mark Indy Airport Hotel. There will be fireworks and a barbeque on July 4th to celebrate Independence Day.

Your 4th Annual ISSCA Nationals entry and competition fees are a real bargain considering the locations we will be using. The Adam’s Mark Indy Airport Hotel is providing ISSCA a reduced rate for our event. For room reservations, please call (317) 248-2481 and let them know that you are with ISSCA.

This year we are opening the event to everyone. This includes all current ISSCA members, former members and non-members. Former members may still be involved at the event without renewing your dues if you choose.

If you choose to Update your membership , the registration fees for the 4th Annual ISSCA Nationals are significantly lower. Annual ISSCA membership dues are $40.00. The base pre-registration for members is $70.00 and the optional competition license is $35.00. The competition license is only necessary if you plan on competing in any of the events. The pre-registration fee for non-members or members who choose not to renew their membership is $160.00. This includes ISSCA membership for the one week only, base registration for all events, and a competition license.

Included with this letter are two 2006 ISSCA Nationals registration forms. One form is for former members who wish to renew their membership and the other is for non-renewing members.

If you would like to renew your membership and come to Indy, please complete the 2006 ISSCA Nationals Registration Form and include your $40.00 membership dues with the event fees.

If you do not wish to renew your dues at this time; but would like to attend the events at the 2006 ISSCA Nationals, please complete the Non ISSCA Member Registration Form

We hope to see you and your family in Indy. If you have any questions or concerns please let us know.

The Directors
Impala SS Club of America ISSCA

Event Registration
433 Kitty Hawk Dr., Suite 113
Universal City, TX 78148
Telephone: 866-ISSCA4U
Fax: 210-293-1936
SIGN UP NOW ! ! ! !

Pre-Registration cut-off is June 20th!!! If you are not signed up by then, the cost of registration goes up to $105.00; the comp license will be $55.00 and the Banquet fee is $25.00 After the 20th, you will only be able to register the day of the show!
NOTE: T-Shirts and goodie bags may not be available to walk in registrants.

Total registration $185.00 (non members can add $40.00)

As I said... "NOW IS THE TIME".

You can also get a day pass for $45.00: (Spectator Pass)

DAY 1 -- Day Pass
DAY 2 -- Day Pass
DAY 3 -- Day Pass

SSee ya'll in Indy!

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