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I found the MeterMatch on the internet. I have not purchased or touched one.

Many people on this forum add gauges because "factory gauges are not accurate". This product lets you calibrate gauges and adjust for the readings you want. It lets you calibrate at four points(low, low mid, mid high, and high).

This would let you adjust a factory oil gauge to show full sweep readings based on what you want for low/normal/high readings.

This should also work on the gas gauge to make it read what you want.

What I was thinking about was using it with a switch, and get a transmission temperature sensor showing on my factory voltage meter. The best part is it also has a alarm function that is programmable. So if the warning came on I could switch from voltage to transmission temperature.

It seems to be priced competitively with aftermarket gauges and allows one to keep a "stock look"

Has anyone used one?

If you just want better gas gauge reading cheaply check out this thread:
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